Latex Heaven collection

Latex Heaven collection


Latex Heaven arrived in May 2014, a short time after the closure of the original Latexotica, and the former seemed like a natural successor to the latter, a focus on beautiful women in latex, ensuring it remained on, they knew what latex fetishism was about. I myself was a member for a very long time, and a champion for the site. It seems to have a bit of a rocky past 5 years with several long content droughts, and at the time of writing, no updates have been posted to the site since September 2022, perhaps the site has finally met it’s end?

Latex Heaven is almost exclusively non-nude, bar one or two slightly more naughty pictures – the videos are a little more risqué though, you’ll find that the girls might go topless, and if memory serves, possibly one video featuring clothed masturbation, and that’s about it. TL;DR don’t expect porn.

The first part of this site rip features over 550 Image Sets available on LatexHeaven featuring 84 different models – mostly British, some more well known than others – all clad in sexy latex outfits, with the outfits ranging from dresses to catsuits.




Name: Jessie Marie – Black Jacket and Stockingsmp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 214.71 MB – 00:07:16 – 1280 x 960

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